Junior High

Grades 6, 7 and 8

Imagine a Private Junior High School in Toronto...

Where everyone cares about the welfare of your child; where fundamental learning skills are valued and rigorously taught; where the dream of academic success comes true. That school exists, and you just found it!

Class Size:

Small class sizes are a key feature of our school’s success. Our FT group size does not exceed 9. Here are some key benefits of our smaller groups:

  • More time spent on learning skills and course content
  • Enhanced personalized instruction
  • Effective implementation of remedial programs
  • Emphasis of interpersonal teacher/student relationship

Time Frame:

Daily schedule follows the regular public school calendar.


To prepare our students for high school credit programs.

Curriculum Emphasis:

  • Literacy skills are rigorously taught and reinforced, namely, reading, writing (including grammar and creative writing) and mathematics
  • Students are taught how to study and are encouraged to read independently (take out use and enjoy library)
  • Study skills, work habits and proper motivation are stressed

Program Balance:

  • Our program also offers stimulating courses such as Geography, History and Science
  • Social activities such as fundraising projects, theatre excursions and working on the yearbook committee are also an important part of the program