Guidance is a value added service and is built into our school day every step of the way. Everyone (teachers, principal, administrator, and director) at Shoore is ready, willing and able to provide guidance, and support with a smile!

Note: In certain situations, we may suggest therapy as a means to address conflicts, reduce anxiety, and resolve intense emotional challenges. We are ready to refer to competent therapists who we know are trust worthy.

Here is how we do it:

  • We are approachable and knowledgeable on a full range of topics such as course selection; school/program selection, planning for life after high school, choosing a college/university, career planning etc.
  • For our students who are reluctant to engage in the guidance process, we approach them in order to “get the ball rolling!”
  • Mentorship is critical to creating a “user-friendly” atmosphere. There’s no place for fear in the guidance process.
  • Our goal is for our students to become totally independent in regards to planning for their future. This includes knowing what to ask, and having the courage to step forward and advocate for yourself. Typically, at the beginning, we need to provide all the structure. That is, we do; they watch, but at the end; they do and we watch!