Frequently Asked Questions

1 Are the credits in your school recognized by other schools, e.g., the public school system?

Yes. Our School is a Ministry of Education registered private school (School Number 880159). Our credits are recognized by all public high schools and the separate school system. Our credits can be submitted to the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) and Ontario College Application Service (OCAS).

2 Is there a school bus service?

No. Students come to us from all areas of the GTA. We are conveniently located minutes from the Eglinton West Subway station and 10 minutes from the Eglinton (Yonge) Subway station. The bus connections are excellent.

3 Do I have to sign up for the full 4 year High School Program?

Absolutely, no! We prefer to “take 1 year at a time”. Planning for re-integration and/or graduation is our goal. We always consult with our parents to produce a consensus in regards to “the next step”.

4 Why is the Tuition Fee so high?

Our ideal 6:1 student:teacher ratio allows us to deliver an effective program. Result: Your child benefits from the maximum attention and makes academic gains. Your decision to enroll your child at Shoore is best viewed as an INVESTMENT in your child's future. The "ROI" is priceless!

5 Are there any “hidden costs”?

No. Parents are expected to pay admission charges to special events, e.g., trip to Wonderland. We provide the textbooks and the parents pay $750 to defer the costs of textbooks.

6 What happens to most of your students when they finish their program at your school?

Our younger students tend to re-integrate into regular public or private schools. Typically, they are able to work at Grade Level: They know how to work independently, and they can cope with the demands of school life. Many of our older students, who receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma at our school, move on to post secondary school education at a college or university of their choice. Our “success rate” is remarkable! Imagine what we can do for your child?

7 Can the Tuition Fee be claimed as an “Education Expense”?

Despite our best efforts, the answer remains “no”. However, the Tuition Fee can be claimed as a “medical expense”. Upon request, we can provide details.

8 How do we know your school is not a “fly-by-night operation”?

We have offered education programs and services for over 40 years. Shoore Academics is deeply committed to delivering quality education to your child. We have worked hard to achieve our good reputation. We know how to earn your trust.

9 If we are not satisfied, can we get our money back?

In the unlikely event you are not satisfied, a pro-rata share of the Tuition Fee will be cheerfully refunded. In a very few cases, a cancellation clause may apply. In order to provide clarity, we ask the parents to carefully review our Agreement for the Education Program to be provided.

10 Will you provide reference checks?

With pleasure! A great number of parents have graciously offered to speak to interested parents. Feedback from a wide range of professionals is also available.

11 What is the best advice you can offer parents?

Surround yourself with positive people. Should you have an unfortunate experience of dealing with professionals who tell you “to lower your expectations” or other versions of “there is no hope” you should immediately find a professional who exudes confidence and feeling of hope for the future of your child.